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Workplace initiatives at Atlassian
Workplace initiative Status
Open to discussing flexible work arrangements at interview stage
Difference in mean hourly rate
Difference in median hourly rate
Paid maternity leave at full salary (not including government-funded parental leave) 20 weeks
Minimum tenure required to be eligible for paid maternity leave Any tenure, full policy applies at 6 months tenure
Paid paternity leave at full salary (not including government-funded parental leave) 6 weeks
Minimum tenure required to be eligible for paid paternity leave Any tenure is eligible for general leave, 6 months for full parental leave
Uses gender neutral language for parenthood
Shared Parental Pay set at Government Statutory Pay
Continuation of pension contributions on the unpaid portion of maternity leave No
Return to work retention *
Programs for parents returning to work after Parental Leave No
Domestic and Family Violence policy No
Opportunities to purchase leave No
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program
Breastfeeding rooms
Leadership development programs
Mentoring programs
Coaching programs
Targets to raise the number of women in leadership No
Targets to raise the number of black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) individuals in leadership
Flexible work arrangements to accomodate cultural and religious events
Employee-led diversity networks
Internal women's networking groups
Employee engagement scores year on year *
Employee turnover rate *
Paid volunteer days 5

About Atlassian

Atlassian is a software company that has been doing things its own way since 2002. From the outset, Co-founders Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes wanted to break away from the restrictions of traditional company practices, deciding to launch a product without the support of a sales force. Instead they relied on the quality and availability of the product itself to generate growth.

And it worked. Today, Atlasssian employs over 2,500 people across nine locations, producing a range of products that help all types off teams realise their vision and get things done. These include Jira, Trello, Statuspage, Confluence, Bitbucket, Stride, Hipchat, Sourcetree and Bamboo.

At the core of Atlassian’s success is what they refer to as their North Star. This is a set of values that guide every decision, big or small. The result is a bottom-up democracy of information and ideas where teamwork, sharing, and taking action is the norm. Here they are:

  • Open Company, No Bullshit
  • Build with Heart and Balance
  • Don't #@!% the Customer
  • Play, as a Team
  • Be the Change you Seek


Atlassian and diversity

Atlasssian follows industry best practices in regards to pay equity, including yearly audits to ensure it continues to maintain pay parity on the basis of gender. In addition, all full-time employees are eligible for equity programs, with top performers eligible for additional equity-based compensation.

There is strong support for parents who make the move to join our team in Australia including 52 weeks of parental leave for primary caregivers. Atlasssian also allows flexible onboarding as employees return from leave, including partial schedules if desired.

All employees are eligible to work remotely or to reduce hours when necessary to accommodate their personal and family priorities over the course of their careers.

Atlasssian works with external partners Inkling Women and Everwise to run an Emerging Women Leaders' program, with the aim of preparing employees for future leader roles.

Investment in stronger internal communities and greater professional development opportunities has also helped achieve gender parity in staff retention rates.

Atlassian and opportunity

Atlasssian is a great place to work if you’re open to new ideas. As well as supporting mobility within teams, the company offers UK- and EU-based candidates the chance to join their Australia team, via a program called Move Happy.

Move Happy provides financial support for visa services, airfare, relocation expenses and temporary housing. There’s also help with the practical stuff, such as airport pick up, setting up a bank account, and searching for houses and schools.

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