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Why well-being matters to Schneider Electric: Mental Health Week

Why well-being matters to Schneider Electric: Mental Health Week

Schneider Electric
Schneider ElectricMay 22, 2019

Healthy and happy people and teams improve the customers experience and bring sustainable business performance. Your well-being is important to us – and should be to you too.

Why well-being matters to us

Well, why wouldn’t it? Of course, it does! But here are a specific few reasons why…

•The world is changing, people’s expectations are changing and Well-being is a critical differentiating factor for the future.

•It contributes to our core sustainability mission by driving well-being for our employees with a positive impact on their families, community, the society and the planet

•Well-being creates Performance and Performance generates well-being.

•It supports our ambition to be recognised internally and externally as an employer of choice

At Schneider we aim to be inclusive. We value our individual’s differences and welcome people from all walks of life. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Mental Health Awareness

This is a great way to shine a light on mental health issues and how they affect individuals and society today. Millions of people are affected by mental illness; in the last week one in six people would have experienced a common mental health problem.

It’s also a reminder to always treat colleagues around us with respect, anyone could be suffering in silence.

We can help each other by creating a supportive work environment and just checking in on each other with a simple “how are you today?”.

What are Schneider Electric doing around Mental Health Awareness?

We are in the process of launching our new UK&I well-being pages which include information on Mental Health Support and Well-Being Training – where training on mental health awareness will continue to be made available during 2019.

While the mental health support pages are still under construction you can still see what else is going on, including an introduction to Well-being on 6th June.

Where can I find support?

We already all have access to a number of services and tools which can provide help to anyone who needs it – please make full use of these services, they are there to support you when you most need it.

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Electrical Industries Charity

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

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