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What I love about being a firefighter

What I love about being a firefighter

Kerry Slater
Kerry SlaterFeb 6, 2019

I am a volunteer firefighter in the Rural Fire Service. Our weekly training involves scenarios such as car fires, property protection, bush navigation, first aid and maintenance, where we sharpen tools and fix stuff.

We get called out to a variety of incidents such as bushfires, car accidents, search and rescue and hazard reductions. Sometimes my pager goes off at work – that’s what the siren is all about if you hear it. But I’ve taken part in Community events such as Guides, school fetes, street meetings, talking to the locals about preparing for the bushfire season.


What I love about being a firefighter is the camaraderie that it brings. A crew on an incident really has to work together and everyone looks out for each other. They jump in when someone looks a little exhausted and there a willingness to teach people new skills. I get to do things an office environment just doesn’t offer. I can start and man a truck pump, and I can get water out of a fire hydrant in 60 seconds!

There are many things I love about working for Arq too, especially the flexibility. The Arq culture encourages us to try new things and if they work, that is great.

But if they fail, that is ok too. I’m surrounded by really smart people that continually change it up. It’s very fast paced and never boring. I love that we are making a difference to our customers lives.


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Kerry Slater

Kerry Slater

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