Episode Three: Bravery, resilience and single motherhood

Episode Three: Bravery, resilience and single motherhood

WORK180Feb 17, 2020

Ife Akintoye became a single mother while still at University, but by taking risks and stepping out of her comfort zone she now has a successful career in recruitment branding at Mott MacDonald. She talks about rebuilding your confidence after babies, what we model to our children as mothers and parents and how resilience defines us through the challenges of life. Ife is testament to the value of taking action to build your confidence and create the life you want!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Ife's empowered single mother story, having a baby while she was at University and being a young single mum

  • Ife's career progression from office management through to recruitment branding, and taking entry level roles initially to facilitate her career change

  • Her role in recruitment branding at Mott MacDonald, attracting the best people

  • Projects Mott MacDonald are doing to promote inclusion and diversity in their organisation and community

  • The key things candidates are looking for in the current work market

  • The role of change, taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve something better

  • The knock in confidence that can come from career change and how to regain it

  • The way Mothers role-model ourselves to our children

  • Resilience, how it defines us through the challenges of life and building confidence through action

  • Making lists as a hack to keeping organised

  • Flexibility as a support for having a family and being a single mother

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