Episode One: WORK180 is changing the working world

Episode One: WORK180 is changing the working world

WORK180Feb 17, 2020

WORK180 is on a mission to empower every woman to choose a workplace where they can thrive. Co-founders Gemma Lloyd and Valeria Ignatieva started WORK180 after both experiencing discrimination in the tech industry. They wanted to flip the job seeking model on its head, give power back to job seekers and in the process are changing the world. In our debut episode of Equality Talks, we’re speaking about their pasts and their dreams for the future.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Gemma’s struggle in tech in her early 20’s, moving to Readify with a progressive, gender-balanced team, leaving “for a reason no one ever should – more money” finding herself back in an environment that didn’t allow her to thrive, and co-founding WORK180.

  • Valeria was a single mum to a son with disability and had to go back to work with very little support, so is personally attached to WORK180’s mission.

  • Valeria and Gemma met volunteering for Females in Technology and Telecommunications, formed a strong friendship and decided to co-found WORK180 together!

  • WORK180’s new purpose - to empower every woman to choose a workplace where they can thrive

  • The transparency that WORK180's website gives job seekers around company policies and how we maintain minimum benchmarks

  • Our push for gender neutral policies, so men can have flexibility and the domestic load can also be better shared

  • The new feedback loop that reviews the interview experience to understand the real-life experience of candidates with Endorsed Employers

  • Success stories from WORK180 candidates and Endorsed Employers

  • The $2.2m fund raise that WORK180 secured in 2019 while Gemma was 9 months pregnant

  • WORK180's fully flexible policy and how it is implemented

  • Why we shouldn't ask someone's current salary in an interview

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WORK180 is an international jobs network that connects smart businesses with talented women. We pre-screen every employer on our jobs board to see where they stand on pay equity, flexible working, paid parental leave, equal opportunities and a range of other criteria. We also take into account diversity initiatives focusing on age, ability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The information we uncover is made public on our website, so that everyone knows what to expect from each employer before applying for a job. We continually review and evolve our pre-screening criteria to ensure workplaces are fair and equal for everyone.

To help women find a workplace that will work for them, we prescreen employers on their gender pay gap data, parental leave policies, flexible working, and more. Find your next role on the WORK180 job board.

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